How to Become a Profitable Trader ?

When we 1st time saw the chart, we had no idea what’s going on in these price charts the black background with the grid and we have the green and white candlesticks and it continues to confuse and we had no idea what was going on and no idea what we are looking at but then after watching few videos about the charts we started learning more about the bars which we actually call candlesticks and that they represent the movement of the price action and a few more videos later helped us learn more about the parts of the candlestick that the high and the low you call the candlestick wicks and the open and close are the parts of the candlestick body. We learned that the candlesticks can represent different time intervals and that you can set a time frame to look at price charts for different periods and also durations and every time we where through some videos, or read some trading books or talk to a more experienced traders we learned something new and a new part of chart reading and trading opened up to us.

Be it price action patterns, candle stick formations, indicators, the impact of news, the underlying fundamental drivers of markets, supply and demand theory, the inflation, the importance of the reward to risk ratio, probabilistic thinking, market correlations and so on and so on. Slowly every time we learned something new the world of chart and trading was really unfolding in front of us but all of those things they had always been there obviously and we didn’t invent them obviously we just discovered it and the new possibilities opened up to us once our mind knew what to look for and people always say that as a new trader you really don’t know how much you don’t know however this is not the only limited to traders and its not even only limited to new traders this always holds up for anyone and at any point in time. Because no matter how skilled you are, how much you know in the field, how many years you have spent learning something new it is impossible to know how much you don’t know otherwise you would already know so you cannot know what you don’t know or you would already know.

Overall, from our journey and experience we realized that the number one predictor for trading success was curiosity and we though among all of those things that a trader must learn which is chart reading, self discipline, patience, probabilistic thinking, money management, risk management and all of those other things, curiosity is really the one thing that separates the pro from the amateur and we kept thinking about it and we kept thinking about our own journey our own trading career and also about the the traders that we work with and we thought is this really true or does it just sound fancy and sound smart. But we came to the conclusion that after trading for this many years that it actually does make sense and we can see that the traders that we mentor the best one are those who are curious, they are the ones who curiously ask questions that explore the new ideas, they read a lot, read different areas, they try something new, they explore trading all other areas in their life with curiosity and are always seeking to learn something new with an open mind which is the key they don’t believe that they know everything already and they are ready to put everything to the test without preconceived ideas or prejudices.

Those curious traders they constantly and continuously unlock the previously unseen concepts and nuances in their trading and more and more parts of the trading world will unfold to them and obviously that makes a lot of sense because think about it if you are not enough curious you are not even going to be drawn to what’s learning about whether it is price action, risk management, money management, probabilities or any of the other topics. So curiosity is really the first step that is going to lead you towards exploring new ideas so without curiosity there’s no learning and now some people may argue that its not necessary to know everything and we can argue about that since what does it mean to know everything as we’ve seen you cannot know when you have learned everything since you don’t know what you don’t know and therefore you cannot know how much more there is until there is nothing more to learn but I think we can leave this rabbit hole for another time and we want to move on but we just want to say one thing in this context and if you are a trader who is not profitable yet who had not maybe even seen any progress yet is that you have to be open minded you have to understand that there are things that you have to learn that you don’t know now so so don’t come with any prejudices don’t come with any preconceived ideas about what you think is right really be open explore as many new things as you can and really try to expand your knowledge as much as you can.


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