3 Buy & Sell Indicators in Trading View

Indicators Used:

Auto Harmonic Pattern – V2Commodity Channel Index – CCI – length – 40Williams R%


Bat Harmonic Patterns

Bullish Bat harmonic pattern With the bullish Bat pattern, it looks like a stretched-out “M”.The price rises, forming an X-to-A leg higher, then pulls back, retracing less than 0.618 of XA. Here, the ideal retracement is 0.382 to 0.50. Then there is...

Top 7 harmonic patterns every trader should know

Harmonic patterns can be used to spot new trading opportunities and pricing trends. Harmonic patterns are chart patterns that form part of a trading strategy – and they can help traders to spot pricing trends by predicting future market...

Support and Resistance Levels

Support and resistance levels are price levels of utmost importance based on historical data and used by traders to identify where in the future the price movement may stall and reverse. Support A support point is the lowest level of a prices...

Beta Level in Stock Market

Beta is a measure of a company’s stock price risk in comparison to the market A company’s stock price faces 2 different kinds of risk. The first one called the “unsystematic risk” is specific to the company and affects...

Exponential Moving Average

An exponential moving average (EMA) is a type of moving average (MA) that places a greater weight and significance on the most recent data points. The exponential moving average is also referred to as the exponentially...

Simple Moving Average

A simple moving average (SMA) is just what it sounds like, simply an average of the closing prices in a particular date range. For instance, a 10D SMA means the average of all closing prices from today to 10 days ago...

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